Aid Station Details and Chart

See information below about what will be at aid stations.


Drop Bags: there will be a location on Saturday morning at the starting line to place your drop bags.

The Shawnee 50 is a cupless race!  In an effort to cut down on the waste of hundreds of paper cups, lessen a burden on volunteers, and to stay current with trail running trends, we will not have cups at aid stations.


Aid stations will have a limited number of reusable cups that will be cleaned with disinfectant wipes after each use.  You will be able to fill up with soda, water, electrolyte drink, or other liquids with your handheld bottle, bladder, and/or collapsible cups.   


We recommend purchasing a collapsible cup at your local running speciality store; collapsible cups can easily be stashed in your pocket or pack while running, and saves a massive amount of waste from paper cups that are just used once..  Here are two great products that we recommend:


Ultimate Direction:

Crew and spectator information, including a "Crew Guide", can be found on the Spectator/Crew Info. Page.

Aid Station Size

There are 3 different “sizes” of aid stations shown on the chart.  Here is the breakdown:

  1. “Water Only” -  Stations indicated as “water only” will not have anything except water.

  2. “Medium” - Medium aid stations will look similar to most ultra marathon aid stations, with water, electrolyte drink, soda, salty snacks and sweet snacks.

  3. “Full” - Full aid stations will look like the “medium” stations but will also include hot foods and/or real foods such as soups, pb&j, grilled cheese, potatoes, pierogies, etc., and/or etc.

Electrolyte Endurance Drink Mix

We want to Thank Tailwind Nutrition for sponsoring the Shawnee 50!  Tailwind Nutrition provides calories, electrolytes, and hydration all in liquid form.  Each aid station, except the "water only" stations at the Shawnee 50 will be serving Tailwind!  

See nutrition facts here.

2021 Event Information
Please read this email with the most recent update on all 2021 SEOTR Events, including an upadte on the 2021 Shawnee 50 Mile.  CLICK HERE FOR PRESS RELEASE.
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