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Crew and Spectators

Crews and spectators are welcome to make their way around the course to help their runners.  The Shawnee Trail Run course has some great access points along the route that you can see and help crew your runner.  Below is a detailed document that you can download and print, or save to your phone, that will help you make your way to each crewable aid station.  In addition to the "Crew Guide" please follow these rules and instructions:

  • You're welcome to hang out at the start and finish area, at the Shawnee Lodge.  The lodge is open 24/7 and is a great place to stay warm and relax while you wait for your runner. 

  • Crewing is only allowed at the designated crewable aid stations.

  • Spectating (but not crewing) can be done at any location along the course, but you must park at a designated parking lot and access the point of the course on foot.

  • Follow all rules in the "Crew Guide" at each aid station.  The Crew Guide lists where to park and how to access each of the crewable aid stations.

  • Obey all traffic laws and drive slowly on the narrow Forest Service Roads.

  • ALWAYS listen to the aid station workers if they direct you to park in a certain area.

  • NEVER block roadways: some aid stations have parking lots and others you are parking along the side of the road.  Move off the road as far as safely possible, into grass or the berm, and allow space for cars to pass through.

  • There will be location that you will drive on the same course as runners (just a short period) and several locations that you intersect the course.  ALWAYS watch for and yield to runners.  

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