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Rules and Policies

The rules and policies below are in place to ensure the integrity of the Shawnee Trail Run with respect to fairness to all groups involved, including the participants, volunteers, organizers, and the Shawnee State Forest and Park personnel.

Violations to any of rules are grounds to consider the participant disqualified from the current year or subsequent years of the Shawnee Trail Run.  It is to the race organizers discretion for punishment and/or disqualification.

To see the full list of rules and policies to all SEOTR Events, please click the below button.

Race Policies

Performance Rules

1.  Runners must be officially registered for the Shawnee Trail Run to complete the marked course.  No bandits.

2.  There will be no pacers allowed for any runner.

3.  All bib numbers must be worn on the front of the body and remain visible at all times. 

4.  Crews may not administer aid outside of "crew accessible" aid stations and runners may not store supplies or food of any kind along the course except at designated drop bag locations. 

5.  Runners are responsible for their crews behavior and understand crew must follow the race rules as well, and obey all aid station rules.

6.  Aid station food and supply is for runners only, and crew may not use the aid stations for themselves.

7.  Runners must complete the entire run on foot and under their own power.

8.  Runners must follow the entire marked course.  If the runner gets off course they must go back to the last point along the course by foot and resume the correct route.

9.  Littering of any kind is prohibited.  If you are caught littering you will be disqualified.  Use the trash receptacles at aid stations to dispose of trash, and if you see trash along the trail from other runners pick it up.  Please help keep our forest pristine!

10.  Smoking or the use of drugs at aid stations is prohibited.

11.  Cut-off's are strictly enforced.  Come into the race knowing the cut-off times and be a good sport if you are told to stop because of a missed cut-off.  If a runner crosses the finish line after the 16 hour race cut-off you will not be listed as an official finisher.  Runners must check in and out of each aid station.

12.  If you drop out of the race at any point you must either inform the aid station captain or make your way back to the finish area and inform our timing officials.

13.  Runners may not run the race with their dog or any other pet.

14.  Runners are expected to use good sportsmanship with all other runners, race volunteers, as well as the general public who may be using the trails.


Race Policies


Refund/Rollover Policy:

Like most events of this nature and because items for the event are purchased months in advance of the race, the Shawnee Trail Runs cannot provide full refunds close to the race date, but we follow a refund and rollover schedule that will help give a little back to those who need to withdraw from the race.  The Shawnee 50 "Refund/Rollover Window" is as follows:​

  • drop 60 or more days prior to the event = 100% refund or rollover

  • drop 30-59 days prior to the event = 50% refund or rollover

  • drop 14-29 days prior to the event = 25% rollover

  • drop 0-13 days prior to the event = 0% refund or rollover

To request a refund/rollover:  You must have an UltraSignup account to request your refund/rollover.  If you registered as a "guest" please email the race director and we will complete the process.  Follow these steps:

  1. Log in to

  2. Go into your account info and click "Registration History."

  3. Click "edit" next to the race you wish to withdraw from.

  4. After this scroll to the bottom of the page and click the red "Cancel Registration" button.

  5. Once you select cancel registration a box will appear giving you an option to receiving either a Refund or Rollover.

  6. Click "Process."

Please note that in some cases a bank will not accept a refund back onto a credit card if the original purchase was made over 90 days ago; in that case the race director will be notified and will send your refund via a check through the mail.

Further Rollover Policy: 

  • Inside 30 days of the event runners may still "Roll Over" 25% of their entry price to the next year's event until 7 days before the event.

  • Inside 7 days before the event we will not process any refunds or accept any rollovers. 

  • To roll over (defer) your entry into next year's event once the "refund window" has ended (under 20 days) you must email the race director.

  • Once your entry has been "rolled over" to next year's event you will be removed to the current year's race, then receive an invite into the next year's event via email once that registration has opened. 

  • Your Rollover credit is only valid for the next year's event and cannot be applied to other events.

Distance Switch Policy:  Runners may switch distances until 7 days prior to the race.  You are able to do this by logging into UltraSignup and going to your "registration history."  When you switch up in distance you will be prompted to pay the difference in registration fee.  If you switch down in distance, you will not be refunded the difference in registration fee.  

Transfer of Bibs Policy:  SEOTR does not allow transfer of bibs at any of our races and strictly prohibits runners selling their bibs to other runners, wearing someone else's bib, or recreating a look-a-like.  This is considered "Banditing" and it will get you banned to all future SEOTR events.  

Cancellation Policy:  The Shawnee 50 Mile Trail Run will take place rain or shine unless conditions become unsafe.  The Race Director will have the authority to make changes in order to best meet the group’s interests and the safety of participants, volunteers and spectators in case of extreme weather.  The Race Director will determine if and when the event shall be postponed, resumed, delayed or canceled.  Refunds will not be given if the race has to be cancelled, but free entry upon next scheduled date will be given.     

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